Use these configuration entries for your Sniper Elite 4 dedicated server in default.cfg:
Lobby.AutoTriggerMapVote<0/1>Enable or disable an automatic map vote when clients return to the lobby.

Notes: The game mode and initial map is set with "MapRotation.AddMap". After the initial map any map rotation commands will be overridden by the results of map votes.
Lobby.ClearPasswordClear the password required to join the game
Lobby.PasswordSet the password required to join the game
Lobby.StartTimer<time>Set the duration for the countdown timer in the multiplayer lobby. Set to 0 to disable the automatic countdown.
MapRotation.AddMap<Map> [tl=<time>] [sl=<score>]

Supported game types:
DM (Deathmatch)
TDM (Team Deathmatch)
DK (Distance King)
TDK (Team Distance King)
NC (no-cross)
CL (control)

Add a map to the end of the map rotation. E.g.

MapRotation.AddMap "rat run" DM

'sl' and 'tl' are both optional and specify a new scorelimit and/or timelimit to be applied when the map changes.

Use MapRotation.ListMaps to retrieve a list of available maps
MapRotation.ClearMapRotationRemoveall maps from the map rotation
MapRotation.ListMapRotationDisplay the current map rotation list
MapRotation.ListMapsDisplay a list of valid maps for use with map rotation commands MapRotation.RemoveMap Remove a map from the map rotation
MapRotation.RotateMapIndex<map>index> Jump to a specific slot in the map rotation (after the round has ended)
QuitExit the dedicated server
Rcon.PasswordThe password for remote console commands
Server.AddTimedText<message>Add a message to the timed text list. These messages are displayed at regular intervals during the game (see also Server.TimedTextInterval) Server.AuthPort Specify the port used for steam authentication
Server.ClearTimedText<port>number> Clear the list of timed text messages
Server.GamePort<player>string> Specify the port used for game data
Server.Host<player index>Begin hosting a multiplayer game
Server.InfoPrint a summary of server information
Server.Kick<player string> Kick a player from the server. You may provide any substring of the player name to be kicked and it will attempt be matched.
Server.KickBanKick a player from the server and add them to the ban list. You may provide any substring of the player name to be kicked and it will attempt be matched.
Server.KickBanIndex<player index>Kick a player from the server and add them to the ban list. Use Server.ListPlayers to find the index of the player.
Server.KickIndex<playerindex>Kick a player from the server. Use Server.ListPlayers to find the index of the player.
Server.ListBansList all active bans
Server.ListPlayersList all players connected to the server
Server.ListTimedTextDisplay a list of all the timed text messages
Server.LobbyPort<port number>Specify the port used for lobby data
Server.MoTD<message>Set the message of the day to be printed when users join
Server.Name<server name string>Specify the server name as broadcast to potential clients
Server.NetInfoDisplay the current network upload and download utilisation, as well as the peak values recorded since the server was started. Note: These figures are only for UDP game traffic sent over the game port
Server.Say<message> Broadcast a chat message to clients
Server.TimedTextInterval<interval in minutes>Set the interval between timed text messages being displayed
Server.UnBanindex> Remove a player from the ban list. Provide the index of the ban in the ban list, use Server.ListBans to show a list of bans and their indices.
Settings.AimAssist<0/1>Enable or disable aim assistance
Settings.AmmoCount<0/1/2/3> The following values are allowed:
0 - 50% ammo 1 - 100% ammo 2 - 150% ammo 3 - 200% ammo
Set the player ammo count
Settings.Autobalance<0/1>Enable or disable autobalancing of teams in team games
Settings.BinoTagging<0/1>Enable or disable the use of player tagging in binoculars
Settings.BulletCam<0/1>Enable or disable the kill camera for long range kills
Settings.BulletDrop<0/1>Turn ballistics on or off
Settings.BulletTrails<0/1>Turn bullet trails on or off
Settings.DamageIndicators<0/1>Enable or disable damage indicators
Settings.DeathCam<0/1>Enable or disable the death camera
Settings.DefaultScoreLimit<score limit> Specify the default score limit. This is overriden by score limits specified in the map rotation
Settings.DefaultTimeLimit<time limit>Specify the default time limit. This is overriden by score limits specified in the map rotation
Settings.EmptyLungZoom <0/1> Enable or disable the zoom effect when in empty lung is used
Settings.ForceRespawn<0/1>Force players to respawn (on/off)
Settings.FriendlyFire<0/1>Turn friendly fire on or off
Settings.Grenades<0/1>Enable or disable grenades
Settings.HeadshotsOnly<0/1>Enable or disable headshot only mode
Settings.HealthItems<0/1>Enable or disable health items
Settings.Items<0/1>Enable or disable the use of carried items such as tripmines and landmines Settings.LandMines <0/1> Enable or disable land mines
Settings.MaxLatency<latency>Specify the maximum latency from clients beyond which they will be kicked from the server (NOTE: We recommend you are as lenient as possible with this value)
Settings.MaxPlayers<maximum players> Specify the maximum number of players allow on the server
Settings.MeleeKills<0/1>Enable or disable melee kills
Settings.OneShotKills<0/1>Turn one shot kills on or off
Settings.Panzerfausts<0/1>Enable or disable panzerfausts
Settings.Pistols<0/1>Enable or disable the use of pistols
Settings.PlayerHealth<0/1/2/3> The following values are allowed:
0 - 50% health 1 - 100% health 2 - 150% health 3 - 200% health
Set the player starting health
Settings.RadarThreats<0/1>Enable or disable display of threats in the minimap
Settings.RespawnTime<respawn time> Specify the time in seconds between players dying and being allowed to respawn Settings.SecondaryWeapons <0/1> Enable or disable the use of secondary weapons
Settings.ShotTagging<0/1>Enable or disable the use of player shot tagging
Settings.ShowPlayersKiller<0/1>Enable or disable the kill camera for short range kills
Settings.SideSwapping<0/1>Enable or disable the ability for players to swap sides
Settings.SingleBulletReload<0/1>Enable or disable reloading sniper rifles after each shot
Settings.S-Mines<0/1>Enable or disable s-mines
Settings.SniperRifles<0/1>Enable or disable the use of sniper rifles
Settings.SniperScopeGlint<0/1>Turn enemy sniper scope glints on or off
Settings.SpawnProtectionTime<protection time (max 10)> Set the player spawn protection time
Settings.SpectatorOverview<0/1>Enable or disable the spectator overview
Settings.Sprint<0/1>Enable or disable sprinting
Settings.SuddenDeath<0/1>Enable or disable 'sudden death' (team games continue until one team has taken the lead) Settings.TNT <0/1> Enable or disable TNT
Settings.TripMines<0/1>Enable or disable trip mines
Settings.WarmupTime<warmup time> Specify the pre-game wamup time in seconds
Settings.WindStrength<0/1/2/3> The following values are allowed:
0 - No wind 1 - Light wind 2 - Medium wind 3 - Heavy wind
Specify the wind level